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03-04-2010, 10:42 AM
I'm not sure Cryptic really has any idea how to make enjoyable ground missions. Right now difficulty = huge numbers of enemies doing silly amounts of damage. There's so little opportunity for personal skill to matter at all in ground combat, since you have a maximum of maybe 6 abilities. It's so simplistic compared to space combat, and yet nearly every major plot mission involves substantially more ground combat than space combat.

I spend dozens of exploration badges upgrading my ship. I spend hours reading and testing different builds to understand how the mechanics interact. When I'm all done, I blow up some bad guys and then I'm told I have to shelve my ship to run around for hours killing identical, boring Borg soldiers by the hundreds. When I finish THAT, including the repeat killing of respawned Borg along the way, I get to enjoy a jumping puzzle set in the painfully obsolete and ugly ground engine where a mistake means instant death. Then, assuming I finish that, I get to fight a boss who can 1shot my entire team.

Just...not good. STO is desperate for engaging endgame content, and this is not it. This will cost you subscribers.