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03-04-2010, 10:47 AM
Originally Posted by Zylpha
I, Lurcita, of the Houst of Kleri have a dispute!

When hunting down the enemies of Quo'nos during a ground expedition, I noticed two shocking things:

1) I saw a federation officer wielding a bat'leth (clearly of DS-9 type quality). To know that some of our Klingon bretheren have decided to become Federation lapdogs is a complete embarrassment. Their lands must be ceased immediately...but I digress.

I get my bat'leths from my younger brother who still lives on Quo'nos. But don't worry, we're not nobility, we're soldiers. That means we actually work for getting command of a ship and have no lands for your kind to confiscate.

Bah, an ally of criminals and pirates dares to tell me what honour is? Any Starfleet officer has more honour than all the races in the Klingon Empire put together. Get rid of your pirate and smuggler friends and learn to keep your treaties, when I will maybe consider that you have the slightest idea of what "honour" means.

If you can't stand short skirts on earth women you should think about taking your eyes out with a bat'leth when seeing the loincloths of the Orion *****s you have on Quo'nos.


Admiral Korrek of the USS Cochise.
Dear Admiral Korrek,
Your communique has been received by my flagship. It has taken me a couple days to respond without stiffling a roar of laughter. You have a brother on Quo'nos?? Clearly one that aids the federation. Your words betray the actions of this arms trader. For two days, I have been trying to find this traitor to the Empire.... I have not had any luck....but rest assured, I shall find him. When I do, he shall meet with my bat-leth's blade. Tell your brother to run to starfleet before I hunt him out.

The Orions.....I am glad that you have mentioned them. LItterally, yesterday, I was walking through our shipyard and I saw one selling warship consoles. I was appalled by what I saw.... Furthermore, I was shocked by myself. My anger toward the traitorous Picard and the mistreating of females of your Federation have clouded my mind from these scantily clad Orion tricksters. Perhaps when a Klingon woman is allowed to sit as a member of the Klingon High Council, we will demand that certain types of clothing from our Orion allies are modified. Most of my time is away from my dear Quo'nos.... Only yesterday, after my return home, did I fully realize the distress that my homeworld is in.

I wish that I did not agree with you, earther Admiral... To agree with you would be to draw a line between our great Klingon Empire and the Orions. It's bad enough that we deal with the Feren....oh nevermind about that last statement.

Lastly, I must address your grossly inaccurate statement of Klingons not being honorable. Klingons do not fight just to fight. We fight to bring honor to each of our Houses; and to our empire. If your brother would stop giving our weapons to the enemies of Quo'nos and try to learn more about our culture, perhaps he could be used to educate the dull minds of starfleet officers like yourself. Perhaps then, I would not have to kill him for his treachery.

The Federation is less than honorable. While they state that they want to promote peace, they do the complete opposite. Peace to the Federation is the annilation of Klingon Expansion, and hence the Klingon Empire. This can not be tolerated.... We shall not fall like the Romulans did at the hands of the Federation Vulcan Spock. He is example of what the Federation would do to my precious Empire if given half the chance. One "Peaceful" Vulcan destroyed both Romulan homeworlds.

Lurcita of the House Kleri