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03-04-2010, 10:50 AM
Originally Posted by JediNg View Post
I was a part of a really great team. we didn't bicker and complain until we tried everything we could possibly think of to kill the Borg Leader. We probably spent more time on the borg leader portion of the mission than the rest of it, just trying to figure out how to kill it. We laughed, we fought. Taking down the 4 shield generators wasn't even a problem after the 5th time or so. The only problem we had was figuring out how to kill the borg leader lol. (which I believe to be high impossible at this time). Everything about this missions is great. Other than the invincible boss.

4 tactical officers and an engineering officer comprised the team.
Your last sentence reminded me that I didnt post my team makeup when I tried this - we were 3 Tactical, 1 Engineer, 1 Science. Our first one gone was a Tactical. The second was Science. That left 2 Tacticals and 1 Engineer scratching our heads, taking our phasers and going home. :p