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03-04-2010, 10:58 AM
LOL the respawn rates are wowza

i have dubbed the mission:

CE2: the wrath of spawn!


so here are my thoughts after playing this (almost) all the way thru.

i understand that there was griping over the easy nature of the original mission and cryptic amped up the difficulty. wow did they ever.i realize that they wanted to make a difficult high end mission for the rear admiral 5's out there, but seriously this is HHHHAAARRRDDDD...

first off, the initial space combat, while hard, is very doable especially with a good team that works well together. with a death penalty it will make it very very ahrd. you do die quite a bit as it stands now. the loot drops however... WOWZA!!! out of this world. great drops. well worth it. the problem starts when you hit the ground part of the mission.

there are a ton of borg to go thru which , is understandable. that is how the borg operate, massive numbers. what makes the first part of the ground mission is that it seems that every borg has the root ability and use it over and over and over again. there were many times that we would get rooted and by the time it wore off, you just get rooted again. serious suckness. there were actually many times that we died without even getting to fire a shot. in my opinion, this needs to be toned down a lot. if they reduced the number of borg that have the root ability, it would make this part much more playable and a lot less frustrating.

now then, since you die a lot, it brings up my next point. there is only one spawn point until a certain point in the mission. that means that everytime you die (which is a lot) you have to run the whole way back to where you were fighting if you can't get rezzed. our whole party died several times. again, when the death penalty is introduced, this is seriously going to suck. we were often running almost 200 meters near the end of the first portion of the mission. not cool. there needs to be at least one more spawn point during this part of the mission. please please please please!!! i am begging you. two would be cooler.

the next part of the mission was quite fun and we all enjoyed it immensely. this enthusiasm was short lived however, once we hit the last room... okay, who came up with this torturous room? i want to pull his toenails out slowly and then feed them to him. LOL really it is not quite that bad, but until you figure out the best way to do this part of the mission correctly and efficiently, it is a great big pain in the ass.. i would also like to point out that there needs to be more directions here. "okay we disable these thing-a-ma-bobs, now what. when are we supposed to upload the virus and why?" trust me i checked the log and the notes, this could be better explained. i loved the premise! don't get me wrong. it is just a little murky as the mission briefing stands now.

the final aggravation in this mission is when you finally release the "borg queen" and you have to defeat her. groan.... she was one shotting our entire group. two shots at best. seriously, this was not fun. once you figure out what you are supposed to do, when, makes it so you can finish the mission but wow. talk about frustrating. you have to realize that we were into hour 4 at this point. (yes it was our first time thru for all of us so i am sure we can cut that time down a bit with later playing) we were all tired, and a little on edge and snappy. dude we just want to finish at this point.

now i know there were people who will say, "it's supposed to be hard" and maybe even call me a whiner, but honestly, this is TOO hard. pull back the diffuculty by even 25% and it would be a much better and more well received mission. difficult and satisfying will be the end result. secretely i think that cryptic made it this hard on purpose, just to stick one in the eye of the complainers that it was too easy and to slap a big fat gag in the mouth of the most vocal of the complainers. lord knows i am tired of them, i can only imagine what cryptic's opinion of them is, not to mention their frustration level with them.

so, i would say GREAT MISSION! WHOOO-HOOO! wow this is star trek! just pull back a little and some tweaking and it will be perfect.

thanks for your time and i hope you found this informative.

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