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03-04-2010, 12:26 PM
I'll be honest: I was frustrated by this mission as well. However, seeing how people have presented thier criticism... I'll try to make this more constructive and less whiny.

My group, whom I believe was 3 tactical, 1 engineer and me (science) did okay until the starbase ground portion of the mission.

The space combat was tolerable, though it's my belief that it was slightly too difficult - as it was, I was the one whom died the least times, and that was still 3 - others died many more times despite flying cruisers. You see... I'm of the opinion that at the average skill level a pick-up-group should have at admiral rank that player death should be an exception and not something to expect out of such a mission.

Seeing that my team in space was reasonably cautious and managed to get at least around 15 deaths total, I consider that somewhat overblown. Teams of 4 probes and a sphere could've been 2 probes and a sphere, for example. Ultimately, I'd have expected such a mission to possibly have people die from harder objectives, yes, but I wouldn't have expected more than 5 deaths total.

The ground segment was where this really suffered. This being an all captain team, there was hardly any 'AI-delivered healing' and most captains go for offensive setups. It turned into a tedium of people confronting each rooms, dying repeatedly, and running back to regroup just before said room to try again. Number of deaths? I stopped counting after 5 minutes.

Ironically, I ended up missing my bridge officers.

We got through the 3/4 circle portion of the starbase and were stopped cold there. Previous borg encounters were respawning and that slowed us down even more (with regular respawns too). One of our teammates decided that he was wasting his time (I agreed, but stuck to the team so to not abandon them and leave them no chance of winning) and he left, making the efforts of the rest of us moot. We never got even close to the boss.

Personally, I think the difficulty of the ground combat portion lacked moderation. I could sort of swing with encounters that would be stiff and have 2 of 5 people keel over, requiring others to scramble to ressuciate them. This wasn't the case. The difficulty went far beyond that, and the threshold I see between fun, tolerable, tedious and an exercise in futility. I also do not feel this should require voicechat to gain the coordination needed to perform.

In this case, it seemed like resistance was futile. Just not for the good reasons from this player's perspective. I wanted Star Trek Online to be more challenging, yes, but the Special Taskforces go overboard in my opinion. nothing before them really prepares the player to face their degree of difficulty (the closest being ground fleet actions) - and that should say something.

My advice to people going in that mission...
~ You need solid communication and teamwork. You'll still die, but if you have at least that, it'll be less easy to do your team in.

~ Before each encounters, if you can prepare, do so: engineers should definitely set up fortifications, turrets, mortars, etc...

~ Be patient and get to know what the others can do. If people can throw anesthezine gas/dampening fields/grenades at a group of clustered borg drones, let them do so first. With any luck, this could expose some of them and kickstart a tough fight in favor of your side.

~ Status Ailments abound in there. Roots and Holds are a large part of why people end up being defeated. Being able to counter that may make a big difference (those are kits I understand are less valuable to the solo Captain, though).

~ You need both shield and health heals. Science captains being expected to provide healing alone is just not enough.

~ Borg use anti-proton weapons, if I'm not mistaken. They also perform a lot of ranged attacks. Energy Dampening Armor and personnal shields that offer anti-proton resistance could help you last longer.

~ The borgs have nodes that permits them to just be briefly stunned upon defeat instead of beaten. As long as those nodes are up, you can't even vaporize them when they are exposed (WTF?! If I manage to expose them and deplete their health that way, they should anyways!). There's no easy way to dispatch the nodes in this mission, but once you do at least the zombie hordes from cyberhell become killable.