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03-04-2010, 12:00 PM
Originally Posted by lunatec View Post
SWG, WoW, ****, ***, EvE have all allowed one-hit kills (actually it is more like 2 shot kills, since someone has to be exposed first then exploited)

As for the rest, I blame that on haphazard and shoddy game design and a complete lack of listing to the Beta tester's feedback for months.
Funny, I don't recall 1 shot kills in SWG or ****. Everquest had them, but eventually nerfed them, for player balancing.

But yes, Cryptic didn't listen to the Beta Testers.

Originally Posted by TheIgmo
Oh man, I don't mean to sound like I'm being rude, but it doesn't sound like you've played many MMOs, if you haven't run into these things many times before.

In space, you get the resists from abilities as well as engineering consoles. On the ground, you rely on your traits, armor, and shield. Furthermore, I've seen all kinds of uniqueness in character types -- everything from traits to skills to equipment types. Are there cookie-cutter builds? Yeah, but those are there even in CO, which allows for INSANE levels of customization.
EQ, EQ2, ****, SWG, and now STO.

The only Resists you got are your Shields and Armor, but what about protection against SNB, Jamming, or Viral Matrix? Omega and Teams aren't good enough, due to stacking.