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03-04-2010, 12:14 PM
I agree in the sense that I was hoping ship combat would be more intricate and slower paced. More "Star Fleet Battles" tabletop wargame and less arcade game shoot-em-up.

Still, the combat is more intricate than EVE. EVE didn't have shield facings at all and didn't really even have combat powers or free flying ships in the sense that STO does.

But it could have been so much more. We could have intricate power management systems, system damage (not just weapons being disabled but like torpedo tube #3 has been damaged and you've basically got the engineering team in there banging on it with hammers trying to get it firing again).

Of course, I have no idea if that would be more or less popular than the arcade shoot-em-up we have now.

Ground combat would probably be better as an FPS but that's a whole new can of worms for an MMORPG to handle.