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# 1 Basic KDF FAQ. Read me first.
03-04-2010, 12:52 PM
Welcome to the KDF.

First of all, some things you need to know before you begin.

Q) How to become a KDF?
A) You can either 1: Get level 6. 2: complete fed mission "stop the signal." After you have gotten the accolate "Blood of the Warrior" you must zone or relog to get the notification that you have unlocked Klingon play.

Q) Once I unlock KDF how do I create one?
A) Once unlocked, when you log in to the character screen there will be a new button that says "Create a new Klingon"

Q) How do I level?
A) First, do all the pve missions you can to get them out of the way and off your questlist and then pvp. PVE content is coming, but it's not here yet.

Q) Where do I get gear?
A) KDF has more white gear available for energy credits than feds, and can buy low quality greens and blues with both exploration badges (from quests) and Medals (from pvp)

Q) How do I win in PVP ground?
A) Expose and exploit. Have some of your team firing cone expose, and some of your team ready with split-fire phasers or sniper rifles. Whenever you see someone with the 'target symbol' on them, use your 'exploit' skills. Always try to shoot an enemy from behind or the side for bonus flank damage. If your shield is down, take cover for a moment to recuperate and if you are an engineer, drop heallng and turrets first. If there's a healing turret, use it.

Q) How do I win in PVP space?
A)In every tier, you need to communicate and coordinate. Don't stay hidden while your team dies. You're better off losing fast than winning and taking twice as long. Have fun, be aggressive. It'll come to you.
At the VERY minimum, crank up your weapon power to max and get close before uncloaking with your buddies. Pick someone and blow them to smoke.

Q) How do I get promoted to Lt. Commander?
A)You get promoted when you get past Lt. 11 (which is Lt. Commander 1), and spend enough points to qualify. When you are ready to be promoted, you will be contacted for your promotion mission. It is recommended that you spend your skill points one at a time and check to see if you get the mission.

Q) Where is the high council?
A)Up the ramp where you first beamed into the Great Hall

Q) Do I get a free ship on the kdf side? How do I obtain it?
A)Yes, when you promote to Lt. Com, you will receive your first free ship. You will be contacted by high council and get a mission to see the <npc name> who will award you a 'ship token (name)'. This is currency that will let you buy 1 ship for 'free' from the ship vendor.

Q) What is the difference between the KDF and feds?
A) Content wise, the Federation side presently has more pve content than the kdf side. The KDF side has lighter ships that have cloaking ability and greater maneuverability. From a roleplaying sense, the KDF side is some of the less savory, more violent and in some cases evil species of the galaxy.
While the KDF has no dedicated science or engineering ships below tier 5, they have the bird of prey which can have any crewmember type in any station.

Q) If I delete my federation character that unlocked them will I be unable to access Klingons anymore?
A) The unlock is per acount, so you can delete your character and you will be able to continue to create KDF characters.

Q) Do KDF players start in the same zone as federation?
A) No. KDF Players start in klingon space.

Q) Is KDF PVE the same as UFP PVE?
A) Not at this time. Presently, KDF players have practically no PVE content. An announcement has been made that this will change, but it has not changed yet.

Q) Where do I spend pvp merits?
A) In Ganalda, in the Archanis sector in Eta Eridani.

Q) Where do I spend pve merits?
A) In Qo'nos.

Q) What is a CD or 'Cooldown'?
A) It's the time after using an ability that you can reuse that same ability. different abilities have different cooldowns.

Q) What is a SCD or 'Shared Cooldown'?
A) It's the cooldown associated with components that are shared between powers. Groups of powers that share a component (such as tractor beam and tachyon) share a cooldown. Along with their power cooldown, you will be prevented from using any powers on the shared cooldown for a period of time.

Q) What is a GCD or 'Global Cooldown'?
A) It's the minimum cycle time after using any power that triggers it that prevents you from using any other power. Some powers do not trigger the GCD.

Q) How do I get enough honor to train my officers?
A) This is a big problem right now due to content issues. It's highly recommended that you not waste your initial honor, and train your officers carefully. If you want to experiment, you might make a second kdf to train powers you are not certain about - or test them on a fed character. The exchange is a good way to get cheap powers on the fed side, but you can't use those officers with your kdf. Another workaround is that you can roll a kdf character as an honor mule, since they start with 800 honor, and use that for buying powers. The officers can be traded.

Q) How do I access pvp (as any faction?)
A) To access pvp, you must be at least level 6. Once you are, you will see a triangle pointing down to the right of your minimap. This is a dropdown menu, and the first option on it opens the PVP queues list which allow you to queue for match-based pvp.

Q) Can Klingons wear sashes or baldrics?
A) Yes, but they are rank limited. Check the costume change npc after you are in game

Q) Do any Klingon captain skills work in place of Escort Captain and Heavy Escort Captain in regards to scaling up Attack Pattern Alpha, Attack Pattern Beta, Attack Pattern Omega, and other powers that scale off these escort captain skills?
A) No, not at this time.

We'll expand this as people need it expanded.