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03-04-2010, 01:36 PM
Yeah, I've always been heavy ground. T4 was kind of an embarrassment because I think that's when I first really started putting an effort into space PvP -- I did space PvP but I'd spent probably 80% or more of my gametime T1-T3 in ground PvP. I'm even an expert at melee combat, at least in terms of skill points spent. I bet not many people can say that. I spent my Admiral points on ground PvP abilities too (and I'm not even convinced that those are useful... I sunk points into that Admiral skill that buffs Overwatch and I don't think it actually did anything to improve it.)

Consequently I am stuck using Disruptor weapons on my ships because it's the only damage type I have points in. Maxed Disruptors, Beams, Torps and Cannons but have nothing in Phasers, Anti-Proton or that other fancy stuff.

I spent my first Marks of Honor on a new split beam rifle...