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03-04-2010, 11:50 PM
Separating premades and pugs would just spread the few pvp players among more queues and make matches harder to get into. The workaround is people creating their random pugs before queuing which still produces the same result, premades vs pugs.

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Most premades are made from pugs to start with (except fleet ones obviously)) they just find a decent group of people and do more instances together.

As i have pvp almost exclusively as Klingon i can tell you that if you ever fight a KDF team you have a good bet that they arnt even grouped. But being the superior peeps that we are... we merely know by instinct what we are doing.

*above may have traces of Klingon propaganda
My experience is that this is less propaganda and more truth. I think it's because Klingon players spend more time PVPing and just know what to do. Grouping makes heals/buffs a little easier, but they're doable without groups. Communication is the biggest advantage to grouping, but quite often, communication isn't necessary because we know what to do.

I recently started working on a Fed alt cause I was tired of T4 queues. I think I'm not the only one because the PVP matches I joined all felt like it was a bunch of klingon alts fighting fed alts.