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I'm specced all for ground, i have ran arena groups from lvl 6 to 41 all in ground pvp, i feel like i know what it takes to win ground arena (there really is more to it then expose/exploits).

I love to pvp but have been know to get frustrated at players that cant follow simple directions. i don't ask for much and i don't consider myself an elitist but if you don't know how to use your mini map to re group after you die im going to tell you. If you feed the fed easy kills by running into a mob of 5 by yourself im gonna tell you etc etc etc.

If your fleet has a ground pvp division please post here or mail me ingame. I have no problem using vent/ TS as i find them useful but i have never found guild web pages useful, in my experience they have copy and pasted info form the game forums. so i uslly don't use/register for guild forums.

Thanks for your time.