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# 1 New Faction/Race speculation
03-05-2010, 01:37 AM
I want to do a little speculating. I enjoy it. I'm sure this stuff has come up before, buit I couldn't find it anywhere close so here I go.

When they get around to releasing the next faction, who all do you think will be in it? What traits willl make those species unique?

If it's the Romulans, I could see them having Romulans, Remans (plenty of them survived as most of them were relocated off of Remus well before Hobus blew), Hunters, and I'm not entirely sure what other races might work with them (if any). Romulans would probably have physical strenght along with a specific trait (possibly passionate). Remans would probably have a special resistance trait and telepathy. Hunters might have Acute senses or something else that makes them good at hunting people down.

Cardy's are a bit harder to pick allies for, unless you count dominion/new dominion folks. If so, the faction is already fleshed out. That or the Dominion is it's own faction separate from (or including) the Cardassians. I'm not sure how the Founder's changing would be handled, but it could be sweet. They'd also probably get effiicient. Jem'Hadar get a natural cloak plus some physical combat abillity, Vorta could get Telekinesis, along with the ability to come back quicker when they die (they are clones), and Cardassians could get some sort of trait that shows them as ruthless, giving them advantages when their opponents are weakened.