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03-05-2010, 01:52 AM
Originally Posted by Caeran
Given the faction page has greyed out icons for both the Romulan Star Empire and Cardassian Union, it's fairly likely they are the next factions to be added when the Klingons get finished.

Cardassians are rather hard to try to guess allies for. I dont think they would side with any of the Dominion races again, rogue or otherwise, given the events at the end of the Dominion War. Which leaves allies from races not currently aligned - Breen? Tholians? Maybe even a Ferengi out to protect their business interests.
I can see where you are coming from and originally I agreed with you. It probably depends on whether we are playing mainstream Cardies or the True Way. The True Way have already aligned themselves with the new dominion in game, which is why I brought them into it. Honestly though, the Dominion has enough to be it's own faction (probably after Rommies and Cardies).

If we are playing mainstream Cardies, than I can definitely see the Ferengi allying with them. I could actually see this faction being dedicated to crafting and trading the way the Klingons are into PVP. Not that Cardies wouldn't be able to fight, but they'd be better at crafting (and possibly have a better system than Memory alpha). After all, if you want to rebuild a society, you want money.

If the Rommies get their own factional purpose like the Klingons do, what would their purpose be? I honestly have no idea.