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03-05-2010, 03:25 AM
Do not let the lies of the Federation diplomats lead you into a false sence of slumber. The Starfleet pressance promiced to preotect Cardassia, for laying down it's military arm is streached too thin to be effective.

The results? Jem Haddar colonizing a Cardassian world as their own, and yet the Federation does not act. Tzenkethi marauders plunder our civilian ships as they are defenceless yet where is the proposed Federation patrols? The Depta Council marred in debate, the empress bound by treaty promises the Federation never intended to uphold.

Yet do not crawl on your knees to the Oralian way temples, do not hide in your homes. for now the time to act is upon you. Will you allow the Federation to continue to trample those they promised to protect for doing it their way, or will you fight for your homes, your lives, and that of Cardassia?

"Resist today. Resist tomorrow. Resist until the last Occupation soldier has been driven from our soil." <--click here to Join the Jevonite Order