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03-05-2010, 04:58 AM
Originally Posted by Strikeclone
Lol at all the klingon whining this bug has produced. I couldn't wait for the balances in pvp between fed and klinks to get a bit of love just to hear the klinks crying that now they might have to put some effort into being a good pvper rather than just a lame pvper in an overpowered set up.

Like many others in this game I play both feds and klinks as i will play other races as and when they come out, I logged onto my science fed last night and contrary to the whiners here the klinks appearing cloaked on the radar is actually a nice touch and is not instant win for the feds in anyway for one reason

2D map vs 3D play area.

I still (as my science fed) have to use alot of player skill to find those klinks and a lot of luck is involved as well.
When I went on my klink later that night I was not feeling the love from feds "seeing" me on the 2D map and thus honing in on my hiding place on teh 3D play zone and was still able to wrack up nice damage scores from ambush.

I say leave the bug in, let the klinks cry all they want, once the strong klinks learn that this is not a massive stealth nerf they will continue to win the gankfests of cracked planet without much effort as they mostly do now and the weak klinks will just have to man up.

Its about damn time that players of STO stopped their WoW epeen measuring and crying "QQ" everytime someone doesn't agree with them. STO is new, and like ALL mmo before it the first 6-12months will be full of bugs, crashes, changes large and small in the game as it struggles to find its equilibrium.

But at the end of the day muppets and trolls and WoWQQleetepix aside were all one community and what benefits the game as a whole should be more important than emo rage about stealth cloak nerfs or cannon overpoweredness etc etc.

Being a klink focused player doesn't automatically make you a elite pvper who has any right to look down on the feds who you assume are just noob pvers.
Anymore than being a fed player makes it ok to assume that every fed ship is a hero ship from the series and should be able to do all the funky things those ships do to win the day.
Kinda gave up reading half way.. your a muppet and a STO/Fed fanboi who seems to like to troll...

but ok. lets say it was not a bug (I know it is) does that mean we could then see Fed shield strengh reduced on all ships?.. and also a reduction in the number of weapons a escort can load out? i'm guessing not.. as lets face it, Klingons are only in the game to be Fed content for when they are 45..

On a different note... take it all Feds were PvEing last night? very long queues for Klinks and normaly 5 v 1 or 2 when we did get in.. gonna laugh when FvF comes... bye bye Klinks