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03-05-2010, 08:35 AM
Originally Posted by Chezzik View Post
STO is the first game I've played from Cryptic. I bought it the day before release (pre-order), but they were out of pre-order codes, so I got the standard release package (1 free month, entered CC# for monthly billing at $14.99).

Today, my credit card company called me with a fraud warning. They want me to authorize a payment in the amount of $14.22 for "CS Champions Online" (a game that I have never played!). They gave me a phone number for CS (cryptic studio?) (408-399-1969), but when I called it, they just said all representatives are busy, and the mailbox is full, so it hung up on me.

I was expecting Cryptic to bill me about this time, but I expected that
1) it would be for STO, not Champions
2) it would be for $14.99

Has anyone else been billed yet? How much was it for?
All STO subscriptions appear as Champions Online on the billing statement.