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03-05-2010, 10:10 AM
Star Trek for me. But I wouldn't be in Starfleet realistically. It would be great at first, but I'd rather keep my adventures and excitement in the confines of a video game or a holonovel.

I'd just live on Earth or one of the safe human colonies. Earth itself is a utopian paradise. The universe has holodecks and replicators, and of course space travel. There's no poverty on Earth. Federation citizens don't need to earn money for a living (heck, there's no real money on Earth anymore). I'd be free to improve myself and do the stuff I wanna do without having to worry about bills and rent, and just pursue endeavors I'd like in life. I'd most likely be a holo-novelist and have my own holosuite at home. And I'd travel to different tourist planets every now and then.

And I'm pretty sure... MMO's in that world would be in holosuites connected to whatever is the Internet on Earth in that future.