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03-05-2010, 11:37 AM
I am sick and tired of this.

Lets get facts straight.
1. Klingon BOP has battlecloak. They pay for that ability by having less hull and less shields.
2. Cryptic put the federation at having greater shields and hull to balance out the cloaking.

So if Cryptic would make the cloak visible then cloak would be useless and we would require
to lower the hulls and shields of federation players. How many of the federation players would
agree to drop their hull/shields to the same level as the BOP?

I am almost 100% sure no-one would agree on that.

And if they did, what would separate the Federation Players from Klingon Players more than
graphical setup?

There needs to be skills special for Klingons as well as Federation to destinguish the faction.

Some say cloak is unbalanced, well I met federation groups that did not have any problems winning
15-0 in cracked planetoid even with cloaks and all. It is all a matter of learning to play together as a team.
If Klingons do not work together as a team it matters not if they have cloak or not they will get hammered. Same goes with the federation players. If you do not work together as a team, you will loose.

So for all those whom want cloak nerfed and klingons nerfed etc...learn to play as a team rather than want everything handed to you on a silver platter.