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03-05-2010, 11:44 AM
Originally Posted by Suraknar View Post
I have not seen this yet but some of the Playable Federation designs ... really do not follow Star Fleet Architectural Grace...

I did not have trouble choosing a T4 Model at all...Because in my eyes there was only one federation Design amongst the choices.

Same with T2 for the most part...what i particularly dislike is the lack of hangar bays/doors in the new models Cryptic has made..and the disproportionate Nacelles.... some look like a baby bath toy stuck on a cardboard...

Star fleet design Lines have to be graceful...proportionate..organically and logically aesthetic eye needed to let some pressure go.
I would suggest that the aesthetic designs of old may have been more costly and perhaps the Federation has put more emphasis on low cost, quick to build ships due to the war status.

Clearly the ships built from the 2270's thru 2300 had longevity since they were still using Excelsior classes 80 years later. These ships were the best built and most eye-pleasing, imo. The golden age of Starfleet engineering has past, I feel.