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03-05-2010, 11:08 AM
Being a red dot on a 2d map does not equal to being visible.

And since we're getting facts straight, let's.

BoP has a battlecloak. I said leave the battlecloak invisible on the radar but show cruisers and possibly raptors (raptor sucks and needs something special, I know, but that's another discussion).

Is that straight enough?

And the difference in shield and hull is rather marginal. A BoP setup with good defense and backed up by his team will be just as sturdy as a fed escort in the same situation just as my battlecruiser setup for healing and tanking will last as long as an equally geared. There are other tradeoffs for the cloak which come more in the form of the lack of ships in T5, where feds can pick better layouts of BOs and consoles on their ships.

Anyways, no point in arguing with people who can only see one side. But with the cloak as it currently is, if they add FvF queues, there will be very little pvp left for Klingons. I'd rather try to avoid that as I like the 2 factions and would hate to be forced into fighting only my own faction, on either side. If showing some of the ships on the radar is the way to fix it, I'm all for it. Another option would to give cloak only to BoPs, but I'm not sure that would fly now would it?