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03-05-2010, 12:17 PM
Call of Duty is a good example. Even if you really love the PvE (single player campaign), you play through it, what, once? Twice? After you've had the game for a month one of two things happens:

a) You only like PvE content and you've done it all so you put the game on a shelf and never play it again.
b) You go online and play the PvP maps over and over again possibly for months.

I see Klingon content going the same way.

Cryptic can either supply us with a steady stream of PvE content which will we play through once or twice before we're bored with it or they can keep bringing us PvP content which we can play hundreds of times.

If they brought us some good new PvP maps they could shut down some of the existing ones to keep populations focused. I don't think we necessary need 3 deathmatch ground maps and 3 deathmatch space maps where the only difference is terrain. (Although they might be able to do something interesting if they strung the maps together for a bigger game...hmmm...kinda like how Team Fortress 2 will take one big map and divide it into several pieces to create like a mini-campaign, like the Hydro map.)

PvP, just like PvE, needs content to survive. Unlike PvE, though, PvP content has a great deal of replay value.