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03-05-2010, 01:46 PM
Originally Posted by Slamz
1 month to develop a map that we play through in a day. The enemies never change, so if you've done it once, you've seen everything it will ever have to offer you.

1 month to develop a map that we can play hundreds of times with different results because the enemies are always different.

I don't understand the business sense in continuing to develop Klingon PvE. It will always take them ages to design, implement and test a mission that most of us will probably do somewhere between 0-5 times before we're bored with it. PvP content has so much more replayability.
All depends if you want to PVP, Personally, I am content to play PVE all the way through and do not subscribe to games that are PVP based (****) only other games I have played that were mainly Pve are SWG then went to WoW on a PVE server, hence I enjoy Star Trek as I can PVE through the ranks, well at least on Federation side till they implement PVE for Klingons fully.

P.S I understand that the quoted view are your thoughts.