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03-05-2010, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by Mike111
The problem being is that you spread the populace over more maps and there is just not any Klink players anymore.

Most of our fleet is gone. Unsubbed and the lifers are playing other games already.

Most Feds I have talked to are not playing a Klink because of the exp nerfs and no content other than 3 nebulas to grind endlessly.

They honestly need more pve content and new interesting pvp maps.

The raidisode is not what was needed. I carrot for some.
Agreed 100%, PvE is vital and it's something that needs to be added asap. Also the PvP is boring like hell after a few matches because it's always the same map.

The raidisode is a nice touch but there's not a lot of Klingon players doing it atm I've noticed. Hopefully the 45 day patch will hold on to it's promise of the future for this game is dark indeed.

The added content we've seen so far is pretty good for Fed but give Klings some love also Cryptic, this was supposed to be a fully souped out faction afterall.