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03-05-2010, 01:58 PM
Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus View Post
The longest part of making a PvE mission would be writing the dialogue and scripting the chain of events in the mission.
i highly doubt it took them more than a month to write the dialogue and whatnot for the new PvE map/STF.

the story in the new PvE map would be enjoyable, if we had 45 levels of story leading up to it. i'm a little confused by it, actually, we've been PvP'ing Feds for 45 levels, and now-we're saving their Starbases? clearly there must be an Undine with Fed sympathies at the top of the Kling chain of command... but at aleast we're still killing Feds, assimilated or not

i think the point Slamz is making here is this-

we waited a month, for basically a re-skinned Khaless (we get one of those every new rank, tho) that has a PvE mission in it. and i'm glad they didn't go w/the name 'raid-isode' b/c it just....doesnt FEEL like a raid. minus the STF, it's the same PvE content we've always had-go here, destroy X enemy vessels. grind. we've been there, done that, and i think we can put that down. not much in replay value there.

the STF feels like a WoW 'dungeon' (doesnt come close to a WoW 'raid' tho), and a short one at that, what-2 bosses? even for an entry-level 'instance' (or 'dungeon'), it's par for the course. nothing innovative, if you'd have played the 5-man's from CO, you'd realize they did the same w/them (like lowering the shields in Manny's room) as far as group mechanics and co-ordination. the actual bosses, dont really have any special abilities or require strategy-just BIG PEWPEW. not much replay value here either.

to be honest, it actually reminds me of the Ice Mining Fleet Action (Yov'Bot? i think?) only indoors. survive the swarms of NPC's, hit your 'F'key, only now they've added the Captain & Manny.

in MMO's, end game content boils down to-PvP, or Raid progression. that's the real time-sink between Xpacs. crafting, dailies, etc., only help support one or the other (pvp or raiding) i myself, started as a Raider, then in downtime between raids, found PvP-a whole new game inside the game. and fell in love.

i was really hoping to enjoy both in STO, but i think PvP is actually still more enjoyable. if this STF (Infected) is Cryptic's idea of a 'raid', i think i'll pass. there are other games that do 'raids' better. STO needs PvE content w/replay value, and Infected just doesnt have it.

but, time will tell. i see 'Infected' as an entry-level end-cap instance, doubtless they will make more STF's like it (hopfully they will not be similar to the way Infected played out) but hopefully the real 'raids' are yet to come.