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03-05-2010, 02:17 PM
the hardest part about this STF is-

you guessed it-

finding 4 other KLingons w/Class variance to go in w/you
lot of people already calling for this place to get Nerfed. but it's new, that's all-give people a week to figure it out, you'll see people doing it daily all the time and in a timely manner.

if you can Pug new content on the first day and beat it, either it's not that difficult to figure out or it's really short. Infected is both. the biggest problem is the LFM mechanic, like when someone drops group, b/c i cant tell if someone in LFM is Kling or Fed (unless they're in Sol or Qonos which then it's blaringly obvious)

to give us the same Zone chat as Feds in PvP is forgive-able, we can talk smack to each other, w/e.

but giving both factions the same LFM or LFG 'channel' or mechanic, this i think is something that needs to be addressed.