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03-05-2010, 03:17 PM
Originally Posted by jfz
Cool, I like winning.

Here's another fact, I play mostly Klingon.

I made a fed because I think their ships are superior. But superior ships outfitted with the wrong BOs and consoles is still far inferior to lesser ships with the right skills. Also trying to get feds interested in learning about these abilities instead so they understand how they work and give a challenge instead of stomping them into the ground and calling them noobs every chance I get.

That's not helping keeping the game alive, you take a faction, make them PvP only, it attracts all the hardcore pvp'ers and the min/maxers, then you give them the ability to hide until they're ready to fight on their own terms. Then you pit them against the "carebear" faction who trusts the incomplete tooltip info on the skills. Yeah, wonder who's gonna win 99% of the fights.

On paper, boarding party sounds like a really good skill.
I dont get it, you say that you think the Fed ships are superior so why shouldnt the Klingons have the ability to to "Fight on their own terms" if that is indeed the case?

To be honest, many players that I hang out with arent exactly hardcore Klingons, and get rolled by hardcore fed groups quite a bit. I think skill and dedication is equally important on both sides and find the balance as it is quite good.

Not all klingons play to min/max, many play it because they just like to play Klingons

And personally, I run in to very few Klingons that "call the other side noobs every chance they get".