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03-05-2010, 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by kanid
I would suggest that the aesthetic designs of old may have been more costly and perhaps the Federation has put more emphasis on low cost, quick to build ships due to the war status.

Clearly the ships built from the 2270's thru 2300 had longevity since they were still using Excelsior classes 80 years later. These ships were the best built and most eye-pleasing, imo. The golden age of Starfleet engineering has past, I feel.
Aesthetics, and Architectural ethics and Tradition has nothing to do with cost. have you seen the Nacelles and of one of the T4 ships... (I am sorry I did not even memorize the name of these ships)...the other one looks like it came out of Cobra Commander's Garage, to say nothing about the spoon Pylons.

I understand Cryptic wants to add its own artistic flair and originality in to this and with some designs they have done really great even the Destiny looks Star Fleet, as well as the Cerberus..but the T2 Cruisers other than the Enterprise and T4 Cruisers other than the Galaxy are...not it.

There have been Thousands of nice designs over the years from so many sources to draw inspiration from...heck..if Cryptic wanted they could do it like FLS in POTBS and have us the players make ships...player created content...give the word and i'll fire up Maya and give it my best!

And through this all, the Excelsior and the Ambassador as well as the Nebula...all very Iconic Ship Designs...have been Neglected!