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03-05-2010, 03:52 PM
/agrees with Triumphant.
in WoW a lot of the quests are the same for both factions, all the end game instances/raids are the same, b/c in the end the Horde and the Alliance are fighting the same enemy.
it's easy to see how Cryptic has already chosen the same path for dual-faction PvE in end-game content.

i would very much like to see the KLingon storyline, the Undine infiltrating the Gorn, and attempting to infiltrate the KLingons, as read in 'the path to 2409'. but instead, we the Borg invade and just b/c the Fed are fighting them, we have to fight them just to show the Fed's up.

literally, this is the motivation for the KLingon faction in 'Infected'. i DID read the Mission text lol

it would be great to play a dual-faction MMO where the opposing factions had seperate and unique storylines and missions, seperate and unique end-game content (instances and STF's-'raidisodes'), but i dont think STO is it. the only thing different and unique about Faction content is space combat, made possible by the Klingon cloak/ Carriers. the only place we get to see that is in PvP, and that's another reason why PvP in STO has more replay value than the PVE content.