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03-05-2010, 03:50 PM
How long did it take you to reach Rear Admiral 5?, do you have multiple Rear Admirals or are presently levelling an alt?

On my main character about a week because I had quite a bit of free time


Did you enjoy the journey to Rear Admiral 5?, what was the high points and low points?

I had a lot of fun with it. I liked the episodes and the missions. It didn't feel like a grind to me like other games I have played. I'd say the high point was when I finally hit 45. The low point was defiantly Cage of Fire.

Do you currently part-take in regular PvP, Fleet actions or Raidisodes? If so, what are you views on them? What do you think could be improved, and what issues need to be addressed?

I have a Klingon alt although not fully leveled. I have pvp'ed on both sides. There are some minor balancing issues that need to be addressed but there's enough threads on that so I wont list em. Overall its alot of fun.

Fleet Actions: I only did star base 24, It didn't have the fleet feel to me. I would like to see more cooperative style play added.

I tried the new STF yesterday. I enjoyed it, although we did not complete it. That lack of completion had nothing to do with the mission itself it was more of a PUG not listening kind of issue. Honestly this was the first challenge I have had in STO short of the bugs in Cage of Fire.


Do you prefer space combat or ground combat? If so, why? What makes that particular style of combat a better player experience for you over the other?

Space, I am a space junky. Ground combat is fine too I just prefer being on my ship.


Pick one current issue in-game effects you the most, what changes do you think would benefit the game overall and why?

I would say amount of content. I think adding episodes like the ones we had while leveling would be great fun. Not just STF but actual episodes. I would also like to see the episodes replayable without having to be grouped to do it. I don't care about the loot for that they are great fun and would like to re do them. With that I would like to see the difficulty scaled to my level.


Do you think since launch, Star Trek Online has lived up to your expectations? Do you think you will still be playing in six months time?

I came in with very few expectations which probably explains why I don't get bothered as much as some of the other folks. Any new MMO suffers from bugs, server issues and lack of content. Every one I have played from launch has had the same issues. This game was much better at launch than other MMOs that I have played. Absolutely I will be playing in 6 months.


What future changes would you like to see the most in Star Trek Online?

more planets, episodes, STF, uniforms, larger social instances, more ships, something that adds the lower tier ships to the upper tier., streamlined currency specifically the the pvp and exploration badges I think it should be all one thing regardless of level or activity as the missions scale and I don't condone pushing people into pvp. skill cap revamp make skills stack more and lower the costs of abilities so we can get more than one maxed out skill and one 7 at admiral, npc's addressing you by the rank title you have displayed, an increase of weapons at the place where you by them with the exploration and pvp badges, higher level of difficulty not enough to be impossible just enought o be a challenge, im sure there is more I just can't think of it right now.


Finally, what was the last MMo you played before joining Star Trek Online, why did you quit the last MMo and join this community?

SWG, I quit for two reasons. One I played the game for 6 years (on and off between deployments) and it was fun. I had a great run there but it was time to move on, and my second reason was simply I like star trek better.