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03-05-2010, 05:20 PM
Hmmm, okay, I'll bite.


How long did it take you to reach Rear Admiral 5?, do you have multiple Rear Admirals or are presently levelling an alt?

I'm actually still Rear Admiral 3. I've been playing since the end of closed beta. But I might reach RA5 by tomorrow though, if not today. So, about a month and a week for me, roughly, of playing a few hours (4-5 hours a day, and more on weekends) a day, although there were a few days (almost a week I think) I couldn't play because my vid card died in the middle of February. And no, no multiple RA's, and not presently levelling an alt.


Did you enjoy the journey to Rear Admiral 5?, what was the high points and low points?

I enjoyed it for the most part. Although I think it was too fast. It usually takes me about 3-5 months depending on the MMO to reach max level. In STO it took me just about a month or so, and I'm one of those guys that takes his time, try to get all the content, read them and whatnot, and try everything in the game.

High points for me would be certain Episodes like "City on the Edge of Never", the ones involving Section 31 especially "Suspect" (loved this one), and a few more. Also I had a few epic battles in PvP in the mid to higher levels, and got highest score too a couple of times, even though I'm not really into PvP in MMO's much.

Low Points, mostly some of the bugs I encountered, especially at the start, but I got through them. Oh, and "Cage of Fire", really hated the BOff pathfinding on this Episode.


Do you currently part-take in regular PvP, Fleet actions or Raidisodes? If so, what are you views on them? What do you think could be improved, and what issues need to be addressed?

I mostly currently partake in PvP because there are multiple missions for them. Since I like taking and finishing all the missions, I PvP in order to finish them. I still have a bunch on my list. But I might still do some PvP every now and then for the fun of it.

So far I've only done Fleet Actions when a mission comes up for one. Nothing wrong with them per se. I'm just currently busy trying to finish my mission lists. I do enjoy them though when I do them. I'm looking forward to the new ones coming in.

As for the Raidisodes/STF's, I have yet to try one, but I will soon. Looking forward to try it with my Fleet mates.


Do you prefer space combat or ground combat? If so, why? What makes that particular style of combat a better player experience for you over the other?

Hmmm, if I have to choose, I think I like the space combat more than the ground. I like both, but space wins for me because of its more unique aspects. I also find it more fun in general for some reason than ground. I also like it, because it feels more tactical for me, where my choice of abilities (captain and BO's) really take more center-stage compared to ground combat, especially at higher levels with more abilities to use. On the ground, my BO's use their abilities on their own automatically. I could of course control them and command them to use them on the ground specifically, but I usually don't bother.


Pick one current issue in-game effects you the most, what changes do you think would benefit the game overall and why?

For me, my one current issue, Ship Interiors including Bridge functionality. It's actually the number one thing I feel is missing in the overall Star Trek experience they're trying to create. A lot of Star Trek episodes happen inside the ship, or have scenes in them. I was actually half expecting the game to have been designed from the start to be centered around Ship Interiors, especially the Bridge. I was very surprised when STO was originally planned not to have them at launch. I was of course glad when they announced back then that at least we have a cosmetic bridge.

I'd like to be able to walk around my entire ship. Have Episodes inside my ship. Maybe even be able to travel using the Bridge instead of the Sector Space system (Sector Space is probably my least liked feature of the game). And perhaps have some little functionality in each of the rooms (if/when they implement them), like a Ready Room where you can view Accolades in it and perhaps a computer for Mail. You can even have your BO's assigned to those rooms explain what each room has to offer, or just talk to them about said room. Like have one of my Engineers assigned to the Engineering Room.


Do you think since launch, Star Trek Online has lived up to your expectations? Do you think you will still be playing in six months time?

Although I'm enjoying STO enough to keep playing and have fun, I'd have to honestly say, no it hasn't lived up to my expectations. At least not yet. STO feels unfinished or unpolished in some areas. The devs have made great strides since the beta periods, but I feel there's still much to be done and fixed. But yes, I'll probably still be here in six months time.

Just to add something: I also had a bit of a very different expectation years ago when I first heard of STO around the time when Cryptic took over. I guess I was expecting an immersive RPG with great dialogues and perhaps some cinematic scenes, akin to BioWare games. Since it is Star Trek, it just felt so perfect to go in that direction, even for an MMO. I was even expecting to have a Diplomacy skill somewhere for dialogue checks and such. I was also expecting an MMO with a bit of gameplay like Bridge Commander, and command things on the bridge, but with the ability to walk around the ship, starbases and planets, and have Away Missions. Of course, that was years ago, before I learned what the game was going to be like.


What future changes would you like to see the most in Star Trek Online?

As mentioned in the issues question, what I'd like to see added the most is Ship Interiors and Bridge functionality (especially for travelling, as an alternate to Sector Space). Some other things I'd like to see is more voice overs in Episodes, and perhaps add some cutscenes in story Episodes. I'd also like to see some sort of diplomacy/dialogue system added. More episodes like Suspect where you can make choices on how to further the story. Oh, and more Bridge Officer races, like Androids, Holograms, Starfleet Orions, etc.


Finally, what was the last MMo you played before joining Star Trek Online, why did you quit the last MMo and join this community?

The last MMO I played was City of Heroes. And I'm still playing it once in a while actually. I also sometimes pop in to check on my Developer's Choice Mission Architect arc, "Pandas vs. Rikti". Been playing CoH since 2005. Although I did take a few breaks (but never really stopped subscribing) to try other MMO's (like WoW - 6 months, **** 2-months, EVE - trial). Didn't stay long in those though. Before CoH I played SWG for a few months (I'm also a Star Wars fan as much as a Star Trek fan).

I haven't quit CoH, at least not yet. I was very interested in STO and decided on playing it mostly because I'm a Star Trek fan, and have geeky childhood dreams of playing in that universe. That's basically the main reason why I'm here.