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03-05-2010, 06:17 PM
How long did it take you to reach Rear Admiral 5?, do you have multiple Rear Admirals or are presently levelling an alt?

Got there on the 28th day, probably played about 2-3 hours each day on average.. didn't play every day. I made an alt just to put some extra stuff in the exchange and make money. The fleet I started has all bank tabs now, and all are filled with goodies


Did you enjoy the journey to Rear Admiral 5?, what was the high points and low points?

I enjoyed levelling up. Ghost Ship, City on the Edge of Never and a few other missions were pretty good. Unfortunately I hit a *lot* of bugs that reminded me that this was a game that wasn't ready for prime time. The missions felt really similar for the most part.


Do you currently part-take in regular PvP, Fleet actions or Raidisodes? If so, what are you views on them? What do you think could be improved, and what issues need to be addressed?

I tried PvP a few times.. it is disconnected from the rest of the game so it felt like it was tacked on. Lack of voice chat makes coordination nearly impossible. The fleet actions are fun but I'm really just playing solo with a lot of others doing the same nearby.


Do you prefer space combat or ground combat? If so, why? What makes that particular style of combat a better player experience for you over the other?

The ground combat IMHO was very lame. WIth the auto-aim and the away team, its just pounding fire fire fire for the most part. I switched to the Bat'leth when I could use one to amuse myself, but the ground combat was pretty pointless. If I died I'd just wait until my crew killed everyone and woke me up.

Space combat = awesome. It's the only reason I'll consider playing more.


Pick one current issue in-game effects you the most, what changes do you think would benefit the game overall and why?

Lack of content. I think this game needs a ton of content developers, and talent to flush out the writing (not just fix all the typos either) and add voice over narration, etc to liven it up a bit. It's 2010.. games shouldn't be a text adventure anymore. I enjoyed Sierra games like Space Quest when I was 12.


Do you think since launch, Star Trek Online has lived up to your expectations? Do you think you will still be playing in six months time?

Unfortunately this game has let me down on many levels. I'll check it out again in the future, because although I don't think it is nearly a completed game worthy of paying for, it is a good framework for actual content.


What future changes would you like to see the most in Star Trek Online?

This game needs a lot of work. Sector space needs a complete revamp. Ships should be able to fly up and down fully, not this 45 degree silliness. Voice chat is required. Bugs need to be removed. Dialog box pop-up needs to be fixed to stop inturrupting battles. Some on-ship interaction is required.. I'm not sure what marketing fool forced them to add that lousy bridge view but it doesn't make any sense at all.. why would you leave your bridge through a door / beam out to go back to travelling in space?!

I think this team needs another 6 months or more people on board to get this game finished.


Finally, what was the last MMo you played before joining Star Trek Online, why did you quit the last MMo and join this community?

I played WoW for a few months to get a flavor for the MMO genre, mainly just gearing up for the release of Star Trek Online. I really expected this game to surpass WoW, which is built on anchient, obsolete tech. STO has let me down big-time. The universe should seem large compared to an island kingdom, but instead I feel like I'm flying through a series of shoeboxes.