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03-05-2010, 06:07 PM
Got Klingon to LtCdr and it became too boring and too slow to level. Now I play Fedrat and WAIT until:

a. Klingons get T2 Cruiser
b. Klingons get Joined Trill

Then I'll reroll my Klingon and give it a try. (With low expectations.) If it is no fun I'll finish leveling my Fed (Cdr 9 now) and quit.

Thee are some what look easy to do fixes. Set PvP to even numbered sides. If there are only 2 Klingons then only 2 Feds get to PvP them and vise versa.

Set up an all ranks PvP arena, with total levels or something approaching equivalent total levels (maybe it takes T1 to equal 1 T5?). How hard can this be?