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03-05-2010, 08:31 PM
Originally Posted by CaptainLoQTipOfBorg View Post
It's been a long game play & the heat is turned on but do you know what's more aggravating than Klingons getting in your face? It's prgrammers who can't knock the bugs out of the Star Trek Online game. I'm almost to the point of ditching the game.

You get 3/4 of the way through a mission & you're feeling good about the mission & then you're one step before finishing the mission & the trigger that ends the game never materializes or a glitch comes in & you just can't kill the creature or alien or doomsday machine or whatever. Do you know how aggravating that is? I spent most of my afternoon trying to kill the doomsday machine.

Do you know how many times I hit the the inside of the mouth of that floating stump called the Domsday machine with a torpedo spread & nothing phases it. It acted like nothing happened. C'mon programmers, I dont care how much new maps & adventtures or invasions you have in store, if you cant kick out the glitches what good is the game?

I've spent one too many afternoons in good faith trying to play the game, many missions are successful & I'm not complaining about that - kudos to you in the software engineering dept you did something right. There are other missions (that I'm talking about) that I enter, that just don't end right & do you have any idea how aggravating it is when the mission doesn't end as it should. Dont shrug your shoulders at me & save your grin for the drawing board. Fix the problem!! I paid for the game I expect the game to work perfectly from beginning to end. THANKS!
Now, did you report the problem at the time detailing what you did and what went wrong ? How can they fix things that they don't know about ? Now they know you had problems, but apart from the Doomsday machine you haven't specified which missions you had problems with. Of course if you did report the problems at the time nevermind .

Now I know I personally didn't have problems with the Doomsday machine on the 2 characters Ive done the mission with so far, nor in the beta when I got that far. But thats not to say random glitches occur.

I've had missions I've had to repeat 3 times. Yes, it frustrated me. One weekend I stumbled across 3 bugged missions. My fiance had completed them fine the day before. So, I took a breather and reported them. And, when I logged in the next day I went back and completed them with no problems. It probably was a random glitch like yours but at least they know it can glitch and they can look at the information the server stored for it and track what may have happened.