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03-05-2010, 08:45 PM
Some good points made in this topic. I have a lot of respect for the Klingons who have posted here and hope their ideas are listened to.

As to me, well, the advantage with a little pve would simply be a break in levelling.

Of the ten members of my klingon fleet, only two are still playing of which i am one. Everyone else gave up very quickly. Thats a really bad rate of player loss and our fleet is basically dead. Even the GM stepped down and gave leadership away and the whole thing was his dream idea.

At around 120 xp per pvp match, as a late rank captain, i have done so many back to back matches that i have started doing mad things to break the monotony. I have mounted attacks on the Federation space station, have done ground maps purely using a rifle butt and have at times just given up and waited for the whole thing to end.

Wins give the same xp, more or less, as losses, so it is a rare game that interests me enough to do more than guard a resource point. The only objective is to win or lose quickly, which is sad.

If, however, i got some sort of mission just to break the monotony, that would really help me keep an interest. Alternatively, i would want some free-fire open world pvp. I want to stalk and compete with enemy ships, not just fight them in an arena....i left ******** because that was all the pvp they offered....and now i get that here (