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I ordered a computer 20 business days ago from
Their website told me the computer would ship within 3-5 business days.
It has been over 20 business days (one month)
In addition to TigerDirect being douches, UPS had put my 30lbs. computer on the wrong truck TWO days in a row.
To be fair, i have contacted both companies customer services and as of yet i have found their responses to be satisfactory.
Thats not to say im not ****ed.
The only reason that this relates in anyway to STO, is (as im sure you guessed it) i ordered this computer to play STO. im a lvl 45 fed, 13 klink and ive been playing since open beta started on my dell laptop at minimum graphics settings and half resolution. woe is me.
My new computer is a core i7, 4gig ram ATI 5770 (apparently i need to turn dynamic lighting off for ground missions)

I think my overall point, (and this is something you must all consider in the future) stay the frack away from and UPS, if at all possible.
If this is all resolved on monday im going to feel like a ***** for complaining so much, but i figured if anyone was gonna listen to me b!tc# it would be the STO forums.