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03-05-2010, 09:27 PM
Originally Posted by Foxrocks
Well I don't have a Klingon admiral but I can't imagine this is that much different for the KDF. It isn't too hard on Fed side if you and your team know what you're doing.

And for every Klingon that didn't put points into ground skills there are at least two feds who did the same. Ground PVE is so easy on Fed side there isn't even a point to skilling it up or improving your kits and weapons.

I skill both space and ground on my characters, and my KDF character has ground skills too because hey, that is PVP too. If you want to focus on space, well gee, you lose out don't you? Seems like a waste to me, that's a choice you make, but not one that is universal at all.

At any rate, the one thing the Klingons probably need to know is that you have to knock out the interlink nodes in the groups first, or the Borg won't die. That is something Feds learn in the Borg episodes (well some learn it anyways) but Klingons probably go in and have to suffer a while before they figure that out.
no we are not morons ,thanks for the node info took us all of 1 secound to figure that out........ the trouble is 99% of us are tact and the end boss requires tons of heals or eng shields , its bull that we can power our way to everything drop all the shileds like nothing to get to the boss trigger the boss , but not be able to even fight the boss.......and die in two shots from her.

Why lelt us get that far in if at ONLY AT the end we need a healer......

This isnt just for klingons tho I seen one fed tact officer yelling in Zone for 3 full hours for a group , everytime im on my Fed BAM redshirts everywhere , most ppl only want to run this with 2 eng 2 sci and MAYBE a tact , they honestly rather have a Comabt Eng tho........why on earth would you make end game stuff that red shirts cant even do? Not when almost everyone is INFACT a RED SHIRT......I would bet you real money that the one red shirt guy I seen yelling for a group for 3 hours quit the game and he wont be back........