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03-05-2010, 09:49 PM
I figured this out for myself ( after the millionth reroll) and it seems that lots of people are doing the same ( I even read a post that mentioned this before I posted in snb and vm are not fun). So no need to make a list about all the imbalances.However, I'm not even enjoying t2 anymore. Even though there is soo much more balance/actual roles in t2, the teams just never start out even and you gain more for a fast loss than a slow win. Also, in t2, your level can be very important as compared to t3 and so on. Anyways, I played.... lets say 10 games today and 1 game was close. The other team started out way ahead ( 1200 to 100ish) because they had more people, than my team got more people and started to win... and than they won by getting the few points that they needed to win. Did I care that I lost?....nope. DId I care that I played 1 game when I could have played 3 ( vitually 3 times as much xp/ rewards)? yup. Was the game ever balanced?... nope. Will STO ever be balanced?......, Well, Ive played since beta, enjoyed my time and feel it was money well spent but fun and balance seems to be no where insight ( and see this is why I do not like open tree skill systems... it creates unbalanced or boring clones). Hmm, should I grind easy, boring and repetitive pve or grind inbalanced and outnumbered pvp?