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03-05-2010, 10:50 PM
Originally Posted by jfz
we all know FvF will kill klingons, hell, it's already pretty dead as it is.

The biggest complaints abount cloak come from T4 and below, in T5 the complaints come from carriers being able to swap hangars, that's another story entirely.

Do we really need the whole faction to be able to cloak? My point is I don't care much for the cloak on a cruiser. If there was an option for a cruiser with the same console/bo layouts as the fed equivalents, I'm sure a lot of people would pick it. Especially in T5.

I enjoy both sides. If it comes to that and faction vs faction dies I'll just stick to pre-arranged matches or doing random fed vs fed. But I'd much prefer see the rivalry between the factions continue in the hope of getting some kind of open space pvp in the future. Especially when they add new races.
Carriers can't its not the WHOLE faction