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Originally Posted by Blackheart_SS View Post
As a race of honor bound warriors that uses cloak to run away seems to be a cowardly thing...not sure... it just seems kinda funny to me...maybe "it is more honorable to survive a fight than to go down fighting" or to ambush your prey without them knowing you're there is very honorable...:p now only if I can get my cloaking to work faster so I don't blow up while cloaking.... Klingon's=Contradiction in the philosophy of honor.
This is where you are VERY wrong.

Kahless has a story that tells this tale , I forget where its from a book? one of the shows? not sure but here is the story.

A huge storm was coming which is nothing big on Qo'nos but this storm was stronger than most , kahless was a teen at the time I think he seen this klingon with his sword standing out in the wind , he told the klingon what are you doing come in from the strom. the man said "I am sick of these stroms im going teach them to respect me"kahless went inside with the others , the next day the klingon was dead outside.........a kahless spoke these mighty words.

"Stroms do not respect a fool"

Now I might have got some of this wrong because I just read it from in game text from one of the lore keepers outside of Qo'nos, but I think the story speaks for itself , die with honor but not as a fool , only a fool would not run from 10 fedration ships.