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03-05-2010, 11:08 PM
The society of Klingons is based off of the Samurai, but only loosely.
Ex. Klingons are a cast based system, Warriors, Scientist/Medics, Workers, Non-Klingons and finally outcasts/those deemed w/out Honor.

The code of the Klingons is again, loosely based on Bushido, the tactics actually seem to incorporate more of a Ninja mindset than a Samurai. That being said, honor was everything to both a Samuai and a Ninja.
One could also view thier society as Roman or Greek, being that they were dominated by one caste over another. (which most ancient civilzations were) However, the political side of Klingon society, is purely based upon Roman Councils structure (also as was the Romulans)

Now, as to a cloaking device being cowardly... no. What one does with it may/may not be concidered cowardly.
Attack unarmed civilians, yes, that is an honorless act. Attacking an enemy unawares and recloaking before they realize what hit them, no. That is usage of a weapon of war, to take advantage of foe. It not the Klingon's fault the enemy was unprepared for such an attack, nor was it thier fault the enemy didn't have the technology/means to detect such an impending attack, before it happened.

(basically this was no different that WWII British pilots using the sun as a means of "cloak" during dogfights or egression to combat during the air battles over Britain vs the ME109. It simply using all the abilities one has to take advantage of a fight, and dictate terms to opponent. If one cannot adapt, one will always lose.

Now, in more closely resemblance of the samurai would be the Jem'Hadar. Lighting fast attacks, aimed to quicky and efficiently kill one's enemy. Victory is Life, and the belief that before battle, they state " I am X, and I am dead " as well as how they viewed the Vorta, and Founders. If they were told to go die, they did just that. If they disobeyed, they died.

One last note, Klingons frowned and even spurned those who died in vane. Quite a few episodes where they laughed and even disgraces another klingon who died as a fool. (TNG/DS9) As well during the Dominon/Federation/Cardassian War in DS9, Mar'tok explaining to Sisko, I will NOT allow my warriors to a needless death, or in vane. It is one thing, when the Dahar Master sacrificed his ship and crew, to allow the rest to escape, than to knowingly engage a futile battle for no benefit at all. ( Waste in Klingon society is bad juju)