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03-06-2010, 12:44 AM
there use to be a few Devs that listened to our pleas, i remember them from Open Beta.


neither of which we have seen in a looooong time and we can only assume they have left the building.

now we get this new guy, Phoxe or w/e, who's more intent on shutting down threads posted by people who are leaving the game than addressing the concerns those players are bringing up. and after reading a lot of 'i quit' posts, i can tell you, most players are leaving b/c of the same reasons. these are also the same reasons that STO is getting negative reviews by gaming mags and sites.

STO works like the Congress would if it only had the House of Representatives.
each faction (or state) gets representation based on population.
that's why we have no real representation. we're simply not where the money is at, so far as subscriptions go.
a majority of the players i talk to who are lower-level in the KDF are merely Fed alts, which is sad. not a lot of new players are coming into the game who are rolling KDF as mains, and many of the players that have been around a while w/KDF mains simply don't play as often as they use to. we're primarily an alt faction at present.
the KDF has attracted mostly PvP'ers, unfortunately there are few people interested in PvP in the trek universe. the reality of it is, until KDF gets Episodic PvE content, most people who play STO will not consider rolling KDF as a main. many won't even consider rolling a KDF alt until this happens.

if the latest installment on 'Ask Cryptic' is any indication, episodic PvE content is a ways off for the KLingon faction, which is unfortunate seeing as how neither our numbers nor our representation will grow noticeably until this comes to pass.