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03-06-2010, 01:36 AM
Originally Posted by Slamz
I've always grudgingly supported the "Star Cluster" content -- the random mission generator. That makes the most sense for the Klingon team to have. With relatively minimal effort, Cryptic gives us an endless system for generation missions to go on which, while probably not very exciting, at least gives people some PvE to do. It has high replay value, at least.

I just don't like hearing about episodic PvE content for Klingons when our PvP content is so ghetto. If we were sitting pretty on a handful of awesome, in-depth PvP maps then hey, I'd probably be all for seeing some better PvE content. But as it is, our PvP content is bare bones, basic stuff -- short, meaningless matches.

I very much want to see improved PvP content before I see episodic PvE content.
I know where you are coming from, really I do. But the reality is that pvp in this game is terrible. I mean really really terrible. Anything based on or derived from it, is doomed to be terrible too. The PVE in the game is at least passable. The PVP was not good enough to keep anyones interest as it was, due to it sucking so bad, which is why we have a population problem anyway. You do not build onto a rotten house and foundation. You demolish it and build an entirely new one. If you want the klingons to be a pvp faction, it can't be with this kind (the current setup) of pvp.

They obviously are not redoing the pvp system in the near future, so PVE really is our best bet to getting anyone on the faction and keeping them here.