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03-06-2010, 01:48 AM
Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
if Gene were still around (God rest his soul), a LOT of things would be different.

the world and time he lived in weren't so different from the present. terrorrism is the new cold war, we're not just fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, we're fighting an ideological war. it was a time of prosperty, with a long shadow cast over it, much like today.

Gene used Science Fiction as a means to escape from under the shadow, to see the world beyond it's veil and what it could be for all of us. few still use the genre to do so, and fewer use his IP to elevate a sense of global community and faith in what mankind can achieve if united as he did.

Star trek will never be the same.
Amen. And STO is still better than the last movies and Enterprise.

Concerning the Defiant: Is it really THE Defiant? Or is it a new one that's called Defiant out of tradition? I saw her firing cannons, I guess she has the same loadout a player captain get's with his Defiant, a mix of beam phasers, cannons and photon torpedoes. If it should be the original Defiant the canonical loadout would be two dual phaser cannons and two quantum torpedo launchers fore and one beam array and one quantum torpedo launcher aft. But there are thinks they should look at before that. Like the Prometheus and Nova firing dual phasers from the bussard collectors.