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03-06-2010, 02:54 AM
I've not heard of anything in regards to Cryptic allowing us to switch our race to the Joined Trill, I'd be suprised if they allow it, but it is a bit naff. I originally leveled up a Federation character to wait and see what happened with the Trill for Klingons, I got that to Rear Admiral then waited another week and still nothing. Now I have a General for Klingons as well and theres still no Joined Trill. I hope they allow us to change our race if we want to go for the Joined Trill as it is their fault we couldn't originally and it's unrealistic to expect players to wait for them to get their arses in gear.

I actually asked the same question during open beta when Joined Trills were not available for Federation during head start, and not available to Klingons at all, but received no response.