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03-06-2010, 05:24 AM
Originally Posted by Echko
Relating Klingon to Samurai is pretty far off. I'm sure I don't have to go through all this, but the Samurai did not make up an entire culture or society, they coexisted along with all the other Japanese people. If you are going to relate the Klingon to anything it would most likely be the ancient Greek Spartan society. Klingon in the various shows have always said 'Death before dishonor.' The 'type of honor' you are referring to about the Samurai is hardly the same as the Klingon. Klingon fight to show dominance, they do not use deception or trickery to gain political power. They have always had the mindset of you are going to die or I am, and that running is not an option.

My post is pretty irrelevant to the game, however Klingon ships having battle cloaking abilities does go against their culture.
"Do not use deception or trickery to gain political power."...?

Then you haven't watched Star Trek, esp. TNG. Re. Chancellor-ship, succcession, and most esp. House of Duras, and alot of Klingon oriented story arcs.

Another example of the Klingons using cloaks to achieve victory is an episode in DS9, "Once More Unto The Breach" I believe it was, Kor's last episode.

Gen.Martok implements a plan where several BoP's are to strike at a Cardassian planeta based station. 2 BOP's decloak, do a devastating surprise attack, and get out of town. The Cardassians send repair teams out. Once they're fully out there doing their jobs, THEN Martok's main BoP group decloaks and attacks, causing even more damage and casualties, since the Cardassians expected the Klingons to have left already. An excellent example of Klingon cloak use and quick, surprise attacks to catch the enemy off balance and unaware.