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03-06-2010, 06:19 AM
Originally Posted by Ripcurl
I agree, I'm hoping they just come up with something that makes sense and has the mirror stats of the Joined Trill for those DDE players. Like instead of a Klingon Joined Trill, it would be a species called Veteran Klingon or a Klingon Dahar Master that is a seasoned warrior that has seen many battles and has the same stats as the Joined Trill does on Fed side. Not only would that make more sense lore wise, it's also a whole lot easier to put into the game than having to worry if Klingon Trill spots look right in Klingon uniforms.
good idea, in fact that is a really good idea. it would also ensure that most of the high ranking officers in the klingon empire are actually klingon. however i am pretty sure that alot of people who got the DDE will not be satisfied.

and lore wise it would not make any sense for a large number of federation citizens to all of the sudden join the klingon empire, and the other way around as well i do not see the klingon empire just handing out command of their starships to former federation citizens. especially the trill who as a race only number in the millions