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03-06-2010, 07:30 AM
I agree with many of the posts. Though like any game the conent needs to be divided between both pvp and pve content to adress the needs of all the player base. I don't mind grinding all the way up pvp if need be. However I also like pve content as well and it provides a nice break.

I was working on my klingon but got disheartened. Having to wait 10 minutes for pvp maps just to level is a bit much. Not to mention with the recent mass exodus now you have to wait 10 minutes for absolutely nothing. I logged in Kelmvor yesterday, finally got into a pvp arena. Me and one other individual were there on the same team. The two of us waited an eternity and not another single player showed up. This was a space house battle no less.

I went to my first warzone where you have decrypt the listening stations then destroy the repair cubes. I was in the process of doing this when i got attacked by another kingonship and destroyed in the process since i was now fighting several cube droids and now had to fend off another klingonship at the same time. This surprised me. On the federation side it is different. You complete the map then seem to warp into a map where klingons will appear. Needless to say i learned quickly after rereading the mission journal. At first I didn't read it due to i believed to be the exact same as the fed side. However when i logged back in i noticed other ships that where yellow but did not attack them if they were engaged in fighting nodes, encrypting or blowing up the repair modules.

In fact me and that other yellow ship flew around just doing what we needed to do and didn't bother each other. I guess both realizing we need to level without being griefed. I only engaged if another ship logged in and attacked me. Which only happened once. He snuck up and destroyed me while fighting borg npc's and i took my revenge after.

I understand the logic but now i have to try and level up worrying about federation ships and other klingon ships. This sets up a lot of griefing in my opionion. I maybe just too nice but i remember the days of Eq1, where i joined the game, started out as a newb and a high level character or two would enter and take over the zone for hours. You couldn't level, they would hold the zone hostage for hours on end and in many cases just stand over your corpse and kill you so many times in a row you just had to log out.

I don't mind pvp, even if i die. I don't even mind dying a few times because there is a learning curve in every game. What i do mind is having my playtime monopolized for hours on end. Which I see is perfectly cappable of happing since the ships that can engage you can be what as much as ten level highers. I am running around leveling and next i'm attacked by a +6 ship. I am l6 being attacked by an LC0 who could possibly grief people for hours?

No wonder most are not willing to play the klingon side. Only the most hardcore pvpr's would endure that bs. Which is one of the reasons I actually did like wow. Besides the cartoonish characters and limited race, class options. I atleast liked the fact I could level in peace and only enter pvp when I so choose. Either by entering battlgrounds, going to a pvp server, flagging myself, duels. Even If i lost the responsibility was my own, I was the one that entered the area in the first place. I knew what i was getting into by entering that area and could engage in both pvp contenct and level in peace without being griefed for hours.

Anyway this is long enough. I will close with this. I don't mind entering pvp areas even if it meant fighting other klinks, now that i have been properly educated. However their has to be a proper mix of both. This way i know i also have an alternative method should i enter a war zone and be unsuccesful. Least there is more content so i can go do something else and come back to the war zone later when I am a bit stronger or even if i don't i can try again later, without having my time monoplized hours on end.