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03-06-2010, 08:34 AM
I like this:

Rienen: Many Klingon players are concerned about the lack of purpose in the current PVP system and what it means to the future of the Empire. Are there any plans to provide a more meaningful PVP system, such as "Open PvP" zones or capturable systems/planets/starbases that would then provide faction bonuses and rewards for holding?

I don't think it would be likely that we will ever allow the Klingons to invade Earth Space Doc as a random open world event. PvP in STO will always be consensual.
They actually don't answer the question. I figured that they were side-stepping something they just wanted to avoid talking about. However, later on in the segment:

GreatMaker69: Will Cryptic ever have more PVP events like the one at the end of Open Beta?

We have plans for a bunch of new PvP maps and even some PvP events down the line. There are lots of new PvP features, and new space and ground games planned. A persistent territory game is being worked on, but a release date has not yet been determined. We plan on supporting PvP gameplay on a regular basis.
That question is answered partly with the answer to the previous question I quoted. Now I think that whoever was answering these is quite confused, possibly about PvP in general, an defiantly about the specific question.