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03-06-2010, 10:09 AM
Originally Posted by ThomasGideon
I like this:

They actually don't answer the question. I figured that they were side-stepping something they just wanted to avoid talking about. However, later on in the segment:

That question is answered partly with the answer to the previous question I quoted. Now I think that whoever was answering these is quite confused, possibly about PvP in general, an defiantly about the specific question.
It's like they mixed up the answers for my and GreatMaker's questions. I talked pvp zones and get told about earth space dock. He mentions The End of Beta event and gets told about persistant pvp.

I know the Klingons don't have the majority of their in-game content QA'd, but could we at least have gotten our Klingon specific "Ask Cryptic" QA'd?

I agree with everyone who mentioned it, but the lack of follow-ups really kills this community "feature". They get to pick only the questions they want to answer, knowing that even if they "talk around" the question, they (and the apologists) can say "We've already answered that".

I'm certainly glad they took the time to answer our questions, but it would've been nice if less fluff was picked (and answers put with their proper questions ).