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03-06-2010, 12:08 PM
Originally Posted by spacecadet1138 View Post
to the OP-
this is just another ill-prepared attmept on the behalf of Cryptic to get people to re-sub by promising the addition of an undisclosed amount of unspecified content.
Whereas if they listed exactly what they're trying to have done for it and had to leave something out because it wasn't ready, you'd be posting that they lied.

If they listed exactly what they wanted to have done and got it all in but something had a problem, you'd say they rushed it out to meet a release date instead of waiting until it was done.

If they listed only the stuff they were fairly certain will be ready, you'd complain that they were withholding information.

It really doesn't matter what they say or don't say, you'll find something to which you can object. Again.